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Why Choose Canada Municipal Jobs

As a municipality in Canada, you have many job posting options. But not all online job boards are created equal. At Canada Municipal Jobs, our business is not an after-thought or a secondary service…


We created our Canada Municipal Jobs website with both the municipality and the job seeker in mind.

MUNICIPALITIES – here’s what we do for you:


We do all the work. Simple job posting process: Click here… and follow the instructions.

We issue an invoice the following week which you can pay with a credit card or cheque or by EFT.


Each municipality has a unique character. As such your job ads are duplicated almost exactly (some technical limitations do occur) including colours, fonts, logos to reflect your unique municipal character.

All job ads are proofread to capture those pesky typos and goof-ups. Never hurts to have a fresh set of eyes look it over.

We test each email and website link in your job ad to ensure 100% effectiveness.

Job ads come off the website automatically on the closing date. This ensures that you don’t get resumes and applications after the closing date.


We provide the best value with the lowest posting rate among the 3 largest municipal job websites. Click here to go to the pricing page.

You can post the same ad in both French and English at no extra charge.

You can post your ad for up to 6-months for open-ended or pool recruitment for the same flat fee.   


Growing strong since 2006, we attract nearly 30,000 serious municipal job seekers per month which translates to nearly 50,000 page views. This is substantially more than any single association’s website and among the highest in the municipal job sector.

We give you National Exposure - Your ad appears on your provincial page as well as our Canada home page which is viewed by candidates from across Canada.

We reach beyond the municipal sector – while 1/3 of our visitors are candidates already in the municipal sector looking to advance their career, we also attract newcomers to municipal government with 1/3 coming from links on college, university and employment services websites and another 1/3 finding our website through Google and Yahoo searches.

We are ranked at the top of most search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

We have over 3,000 potential candidates who have signed up to receive daily automatic email notifications when we post a job that matches their specific criteria.


Post the same ad on more than one provincial page and get extended coverage and visibility for only a small premium.

If you need to edit or revise your job ad, we do it. And we do it free of charge.

We link your job ad to our Facebook page for added visibility.

We Tweet about your job when it is posted to create some buzz.

We have a unique mapping feature – click on your municipality’s name and a pop up window appears to let candidates know where you are located.

JOB SEEKERS – here’s what we do for you:


Jobs are listed in chronological order with newest jobs are always at the top and not somewhere in the middle of the pack – never an opportunity missed!

Standard information is listed at the top of each ad – no wasting time looking for key information like job type and closing date.

Our listing pages provide pertinent details about the job such as location, title, category, posting date and closing date.

We categorize our jobs to facilitate the job search.

Listing page columns are sortable to facilitate job searching of different job titles or locations or categories.

We offer an automatic email notification service that is specific to the job seeker’s criteria – over 3,000 candidates are using this service right now


Mapping - Each municipality is mapped – click on the municipality name - which helps you decide whether to apply for a certain job in a given location.

New job postings are highlighted with a green date and indicator bar.

Expiring jobs are identified with a red closing date and indicator bar.

Automatic email notification service is available to be notified of jobs that match your specific criteria (job type, location, etc.)


Email addresses and URLs are properly linked to ensure that your resume gets to where it is supposed to go.

We proofread each job ad to ensure accuracy.

Job ads come off automatically once the listing expires so you are not looking at expired ads.